Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello all and welcome to Fire!Aim!Ready!, a new blog dedicated pc gaming news, reviews, and updates.

Lately I have been playing a game some may be familiar with known as Heroes of Newerth or HoN for short. Created by S2 Games and given licensing permission from DotA's IceFrog, HoN is basically a newer, better version of DotA. DotA is a team-oriented stadium strategy fighter map for Warcraft 3, where you and 4 others battle against 5 opponents to ultimately destroy the other teams base by gaining levels and gold faster then your enemies. You can accomplish this in a couple ways. By last-hitting more creeps and therefore getting the gold from them, or last-hitting your allied creeps to keep the enemies from gaining the gold and exp, or just simply killing that said enemy outright. HoN adds to this with new characters, a shiny new game engine, and features such as reconnecting to games if you disconnect, built in VoiP, a rating system, and a scheduled for release team-matchmaking system.

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